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About Endeavr

Airbus Group Endeavr Wales (Endeavr) is a joint initiative between Airbus and the Welsh Government to support innovation in Wales. Endeavr is committed to the research and development of technologies in the fields of the Digital Economy, the Low Carbon Economy and Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing.

How to work with us

Endeavr filter

It begins with an idea. Some are big, some are small however all need a bit of extra help. Thats where Endeavr comes in, we have the guidance, resources, facilities and technology required to kickstart any innovation project.

Our process begins with filtering your project into three innovation sectors:


The team at Endeavr will assess your project to see if you are a candidate for funding or support.

Funding decision

The project application will be presented to the Endeavr board, with our representative partners at Airbus and the Welsh Government to see if the application is accepted for funding and development.

Research and development

If the application is accepted by the board and funding agreed, the innovation project can begin.

Prototyping, proof of concept and pilot testing

If you want to successfully implement technology, you should be doing all three. To some level, you probably are. But the extent to which you are benefiting from POCs, prototypes, and pilots depends on having an understanding of purpose. We will support you to engage in these activities deliberately and methodically for them to be of value and turn these outputs into usable, actionable information.

Go to market

Finding a solution does not mean the problem is solved. You still need to implement the solution and go to market, and that requires a plan of its own. We have years of experience deploying, managing and hosting with a wide range of industry-leading revenue and customer management tools which will support the continued development of your business.

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Endeavr Team

Nick Crew
Nick Crew

Operations Manager

Employed by Airbus Defence and Space, to deliver large scale systems and service solutions in both government and commercial sectors.

Nick has worked in the UK, France and Germany and presented many business cases at a board level for opportunity pursuit decisions. Negotiating contracts with organisations such as European Space Agency, Defence Procurement and with the Economic Development Board of Singapore.

Dr Mark Bentall
Dr Mark Bentall

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Mark Bentall has been in Airbus for 17 years and is currently responsible for Airbus' global innovation in communications. His key responsibilities include defining the communication technology needs for future Airbus products and establishing the program of activities to deliver the technologies.

Mark is a member of the Welsh Government ICT Sector Panel supporting the efforts to improve the ICT education programme in Wales.

John Davies
John Davies

SME Board Member

John brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience as SME advisor to the board. John cut his teeth in telecommunications working in senior sales management roles for companies like MCI WorldCom, he has spent most of his 25 year career in the IT industry.

Specialising in identifying new markets and creating new value propositions John has helped to steer IT systems integrators to new levels of achievement.

Harri Mansikkamäki
Harri Mansikkamäki

SME Board Member

Harri Maniskkamäki is the Managing Director of Leadin UK Ltd. He is accustomed to operate with multi-national, multi-level organisations, bring in strategic thinking and design solutions for various complex environments.

Harri brings international experience of both start-up and new product design challenges - as well as skills gained from working to deliver change and digital transformation within large organizations.

Board members

  • Karen Thomas - Director
  • David Warrender - Director
  • Karen Holford - Cardiff University Representative
  • Julia Rose - Company Secretary

Executive committee

  • Steve Codd, Head of Sector – ICT, Welsh Government
  • Neil Sandford, Business Development Manager – ICT, Welsh Government
  • Hywel Edwards, Research and Innovation Services – Cardiff University
  • Mark Bentall – Airbus Group Innovations
  • Ian Risk – Airbus Group Innovations
  • Tony Beck - Finances Airbus Defence and Space
  • Sophie McCarthy, Management Accountant – Airbus
  • Nick Crew, Operations Manager

Our partners

The partners in Airbus Group Endeavr Wales share a common goal in their commitment to collaborate for innovation. Innovation lies at the heart of the Welsh Governments vision for economic renewal.

As part of Airbus ongoing commitment to innovation, the company has been exploring collaborative funding research models throughout the world. Airbus Group Endeavr Wales follows successful dialogue with the Welsh Government and Cardiff University with Airbus fulfilling the industrial partner role.

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Cardiff University has been actively involved in the intiative from the outset and is a founding partner - representing academia whilst undertaking the observer role to the Board of Airbus Group Endeavr Wales.

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The Welsh Government is the devolved government for Wales. This means that Wales has its own government to make policy and laws that help improve the lives of people in Wales and make our nation a better place in which to live and work.

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